Welcome to Ricochet Revival.

Ricochet is an officially made Half-Life modification created by Valve, released on November 1st, 2000. It was included as part of the update for Half-Life. It involves shooting discs and jumping around platforms in the void of space all with a futiristic aesthetic.
Alas, it fell into obscurity, and became one of the many laughingstocks of Valve.

But this time, we're returning to Ricochet to revive it once and for all,
and see at least some interest for it come into the Valve community.

But I hear ye ask; "who are you all?"
Well, simply put, we're a community for Ricochet, first launched in 2023.
Started as but a mere "haha wouldn't it be funny to play ricochet" gag, our purpose is to revive Ricochet, to some degree.
We think that Ricochet is very neat, and surirpsingly fun, and there's still plenty to do with the game, even in these current years.
We have a server in the game, a Discord server, and a few other Ricochet-based things, such as a client plugin or two and a manual.
If you've ever wanted to check out Ricochet, why not check us out, too?

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